Search tips

Specific images in the Urban Image Database can be searched by keywords, location, technique, topics or date; or you can combine search terms.

Please start with broad terms  Broad, general terms usually result in a greater number of search results. If an initial result from a Basic Search is too large, it can always be narrowed down by using additional terms and/or qualifiers in the Advanced Search.

To limit your results please use the Advanced Search to reduce the number of hits from a previous search. Advanced Search enables you to limit the images you search by subject, date or technique (such as photographs, postcards, lithographs or other fine prints). You can always expand your search results. If a search is unsuccessful or only results in a few hits, try variations of your search terms and names. If you were looking for images of emergency services, for instance, you could first try the search terrm "emergency," then words such as "cars," "ambulatories," "medicine," etc. in a separate search.

Truncate Terms  Shortening your search terms will generally increase the number of search results. For example: searching for "stree" will locate images described with any of the words "street" or "streets;" entering "stone," will also find "stones" and "stonework."


  • To combine several keywords you may use different ways of combining terms from the drop-down list on the right of the keyword field.
  • To search for an exact phrase use single or double quotes.
  • All searches are not case sensitive.