Bath-house at Pełczynski Pond

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Bath-house at Pełczynski Pond
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Pełczyński pond, bath-house, hill, Citadel
Publishing House "Centr Europy", Lviv
8х11 сm
Ihor Kotlobulatov

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ID: 03046
City: Lviv
Date: 1892
Format: 11х17 сm
Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Unpublished resources
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov
Subject: Pelchensky pond, military swimming school, street, mountain, citadel

The first outside swimming pool in Lviv with a military swimming school was opened in 1820 on the Pelczynski pond. It used to be located on the site within the present street of Vitovskoho street and the point where it crossed Sakharova street. The building of the  bathing place at the eastern boundary of the pond was constructed in 1821 by a builder Wilhelm Schmidt, according to the plans of the general Johann Karl Fresnel-Curel von Henneguin. It placed a swimming school (initially, it was a military school, later — a civilian one). Pelczynski pond was filled in in 1921. The building of the bathing place has not been preserved. Today, we only have preserved the remains of the pond dam – it is a fountain in front of the main entrance to the B. Khmelnytskyi Park of Culture and Recreation. Presently, on the site of the pond, in its western section, there are facilities of the Palace of Sports "Dynamo" and the building of the Security Service of Ukraine in Lviv Region.

This is a double-level casemate artillery tower with a cellar and a flat terrace. Planned as a regular nonagon with a round stem with balanced stairs in the central axis. Built of unplastered red brick by an unknown architect in 1854 up on Pelchynska Hill. The tower's chief function was defense of the Citadel's western wing. Today (2008) the tower is in restoration and in private property.