Basilian Monastery

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Basilian Monastery
A view of the Basilian Monastery through a breach in the castle wall. The Buchach Castle was constructed in 1580. In the middle of the seventeenth century its owner, Mikolaj Potocki, built a new castle for himself and the old castle was abandoned. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the owners of the castle allowed citizens to disassemble the castle walls for a fee to further use them as building materials; this caused irreparable damage. The monastery of the Basilians in Buchach is located on the slopes of Fedir Mountain. The central building of the complex is the Church of the True Cross, which was constructed in the late Baroque style according to the project by a well-known architect, Schilzer, on the site of a cathedral disassembled in 1752-1761. According to the project by well-known architect Gottfried Hoffmann – the creator of the Pochaiv Lavra – two-story monastery premises (on the left) and the school education building (on the right) were added in 1761-1771. In 1804 a gymnasium was founded at the monastery of the Basilian friars; well-known Ukrainian and Polish personalities of the spheres of culture, literature and art studied here. Poets Julian Dobrylowski and Illarion Grabowicz as well as biologist Semen Trush were among its teachers. A trade and craft school also existed at the monastery.
Nazar Kis
Monastery, church
Unpublished resources
10х15 сm
Volodymyr Rumyantsev

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