Boyim Chapel

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Boyim Chapel
The Chapelof the Boim family constructed in the early 17th century on the grounds of what was a city cemetery; this quaint structure was originally intended for use as a crypt by the Boim family. George Boim, a Lviv merchant and moneylender of Hungarian origin, started the project and his son, Paul-George, put the finishing touches on what would become a permanent feature in Lviv’s stunning centre. The side of the chapel is decorated with fretwork that gives the impression that the entire structure has been turned inside-out. Fresco portraits of George Boim and his wife Jadwiga can be viewed from Halyts’ka vul. The site has been protected by UNESCO since the 1970s.
Building, Chapel
Hryhoriy Uhrynovych
Publishing House "Mystectvo", Kyiv
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Каплиця Боїмів - пам'ятка архітектури XVII ст.

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