The Center's grants program is designed to encourage, promote and support achievements in the sphere of the history of cities in East Central Europe.

The grants are meant to enable scholars to embark into or complete their scientific projects. Every January the Center announces a contest of stipend programs for young scholars in three categories:

  • Grants from the Center for Urban History and the Institute of Human Studies in Vienna;
  • Residence Grants for PhD students and scholars from all over the world.

The Center supports projects offering a wide interpretation of urban history as a discipline which combines different approaches to humanitarian and social sciences.

Grant recipients maintain constant connection with the Center. During the grant program, recipients have to make a presentation of their project in the Center and take part in a seminar for participants of the grant program with involvement of a leading specialist on their topic

Additionally, they are encouraged to write an article based on their completed research; after positive feedback of two reviewers the article is published in English, Ukrainian and Polish in the "Publications – 'Ece-Urban'" Section of the Center's site. Residence grant recipients are given the possibility of free lodging at the Center and use of the Center’s resources over the course of a month.

For more detailed information regarding grants please contact us by e-mail: