Urban Seminars

10 March 2020 Eternal Flame and Eternal Love Urban Seminar by Iryna Sklokina on Wedding Photographs at the Memorial Sites of WWII
26 February 2020 Civilizing Mission Urban Seminar with Elżbieta Kwiecińska on the Concept of the "Civilizing Mission" in East-Central Europe
18 February 2020 Dreaming for Modernity Urban Seminar with Anastasia Bozhenko on Kharkiv in the late 19th – early 20th century
29 November 2019 Informal Construction Urban Seminar on Mobilities and Ethnography in Post-Socialist Bosnia and Herzegovina
19 November 2019 Architecture of Volyn Towns Urban Seminar by Yulia Yagodka on Architectural Environment of Volyn Towns
29 October 2019 Good and Bad Concrete Urban Seminar on Post- Socialist Urban Development in Poland
24 September 2019 Soviet Youth Urban Seminar on the Culture and Music Tastes of Ukrainian Young People
23 September 2019 Belz, Bobowa, Leżajsk Urban Seminar by Dr. Alla Marchenko on Official Memory about the Jewish Past
17 September 2019 Entangled Neighborhoods of Youth Urban Seminar by Mara Marginean on Housing for Workers in the 1970s Romania
13 August 2019 Lviv Polytechnic Urban Seminar by Olha Zarechnyuk on Habsburg Higher Technical School
6 August 2019 Intimate Chronologies of the Euromaidan Urban Seminar by Hana Josticova on Interview Analysis and Organisation
23 July 2019 Residential Architecture Urban Seminar by Kateryna Malaia on Constructing Residential Architecture in the Late Soviet Union
16 July 2019 Tourist Gaze Urban Seminar by Anna Chebotariova on Cultural Heritage of Lviv as Viewed by Visitors
5 June 2019 Local Heritage Urban Seminar by Iryna Sklokina on Experience of Public History Institutions in Great Britain
5 March 2019 Heritage in Lviv and Uman Urban seminar by Alla Marchenko on the Capacity of the Cultural Heritage in Lviv and Uman
4 December 2018 Late Socialist Morality Urban Seminar with Andrei Tcacenco on Communist Morality of Late Socialism in the Soviet Union
25 September 2018 Popular Science in Lviv Urban Seminar with Martin Rohde on Popular Science in Lviv, 1892–1914
19 September 2018 A Twice-told Story Urban Seminar with Jens Adam on Europeanization, Citymaking and the Urban Infrastructure
5 September 2018 Constructing Identity A Historian Jamie Freeman with an Interdisciplinary Project on the Identity of Kaliningrad
26 June 2018 City Development and Society Aleksandr Lupienko with the Research about the Image of Architecture of Lviv in 1848-1914