Between Joy and Surviving
November 12, 2015

On November 12, 2015 at 6.30 pm the Center for Urban History a lecture by Oksana Dudko as part of the World War I exhibition on the topic "It was so Difficult to Rejoice:" the Theatrical life of Lviv during World War I" will be held. 

The First World War in Lviv radically transformed theatrical life in the city. Oksana Dudko's lecture will focus on the early years of the war, when Lviv came under Russian occupation. The researcher will talk about how the theater's hierarchy changed in the city, how artists and theater personnel from different theaters interacted, and how actors balanced survival and their professional activities. The lecture will also touch on the unique activities that popular theater took on in an environment where leading national theaters disappeared from the city's landscape.

Oksana Dudko - Candidate of Historical Sciences (2011). She has participated in several international research projects on the history of World War I. As part of these projects she is researching the cultural and social history of Lviv (1914-1918). She manages the Center's "Lviv Interactive Project."