Uman (un)known
December 5, 2019

On December, 5-6 2019 in Uman there will be the workshop for tour guides "Uman (un)known: new approaches, formats, and topics in the stories about the unknown and hidden heritage of the town".

Uman as a not very big town is one of the largest tourist destinations in Ukraine due to its Sofiyivka park. Uman is by far the best known place beyond Ukraine due to the history of Bratslav Hasidism and Koliyivshchyna events. What do Ukrainian and international tourists know about Uman, besides the well-known facts and sites? How to help tourists discover a rich complex and controversial history of the city and its communities while going beyond the narrow national narratives and political history? How to include the dominant stories into the town’s new narrative to focus not on the history of events and places but rather on the history of people and communities?

The two-day workshop is intended to raise the underrated urban topics and engage new formats to present them. The Workshop agenda introduces new approaches to running excursions with different forms to engage audiences. The developed methodology for excursions around the landmarks in Uman would enable participants with new knowledge and skills to design the itineraries, to select visual and interactive materials, to include the history of communities that have been displaced or destroyed due to radical transformations of the 20th century, and which heritage has been blurred within the town’s public space; how to build communication with the tourist group and why it is important to consider?

The workshop invites tour guides of the town of Uman and from other cities who run the torus around the place and organize torus to Uman, historians, local history experts, librarians who develop various historical materials (games,history contests, dedicated programs, etc.)

More details on the workshop and authors of the designed materials for tour guides and lecturers can be found in the attachment.

Register for the workshop in an online form.
The deadline for applications – December, 3, 2019.

The workshop is organized by the Center for Urban History and the Office for Culture of Uman City Council.

For questions, please, contact Vladyslava Shvets at or call +380 67 833 39 49.

The workshop is a part of the project "ReHerit: Shared Responsibility for Common Heritage" funded by the European Union.

Photo: Uman. Shopping street. Photo of 1990. Uman Local History Museum.