Zuza i Lusia
December 8, 2018

On December 8, 2018, at 4 pm, welcome to the film screening "Zuza i Lusia" by Maria Stauber (2016, 34 min). The screening is part of the program "Weekend with Zuzanna Ginczanka." An introduction to the film will be presented by a literary critic Agata Araszkiewicz.

In her film, Maria Stauber, an art historian and a writer, presents the memories of her mother Lusia Stauber who was friends with a poetess Zuzanna Ginczanka. They are both originating from Rivne. Paradoxically enough but their life stories intertwined the most during the war. Zuzanna, with her oriental beauty, was a symbol of illusions about the "beautiful Jewish girl" and had to be hiding but eventually she was tragically killed. Lusia survived the war. She managed to hide and keep an important poem by Ginczanka "[...] Non omnis moriar".

The film is an epic panorama of a tragic fate of Jewish people from the perspective of microhistory of strong links between the two women.

The film will be shown in the Polish language, with simultaneous interpretation into Ukrainian.

Agata Araszkiewicz, literary historian, art critic, PhD in Humanities, translator of the letters of Luce Irigaray, author of feuilletons in the magazines "Czas Kultury" and "Nowa Orgiа Myśli", member of the Program Council of the Congress of Women. Author of texts in the field of philosophy and literary studies, and also articles on art published in Polish and other foreign journals, such as the monograph "Wypowiadam wam moje życie. Melancholia Zuzanny Ginczanki" ("I am Telling You About My Life. Melancholy of Zuzanna Ginczanka"), Ośka, Warsaw, 2001, and a collection of essays "Nawiedzani przez dym" ("Smoke Haunted"), Czas Kultury, Poznan, 2012, and a book "Zapomniana rewolucja. Rozkwit kobiecego pisania w dwudziestoleciu międzywojennym" ("Forgotten Revolution. Boom of Women Writing in the 20 Years Between the War"), IBL PAN, Warsaw, 2014. Content manager at the exhibition " Zuzanna Ginczanka. Only Happiness is Real Life". She compiled the collection of poems by Zuzanna Ginczanka and wrote an afterword therefor "Wisdom as a Luxury" ("Mądrość jak rozkosz”, Czuły Barbarzyńca Press, Warsaw, 2017).

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