Media in 1990s
November 30, 2016

Welcome on November, 30, 2016, at 6.30 pm , to the author guided excursions by a journalist and publicist Lubomyr Petrenko. Lubomyr will take us on a tour to Lviv of the 1990s through the photographs of Tadeusz Rolke. He will tell us about media in the time of the shift of epochs, about important place and events of the times, about activities of proactive people in Lviv.

The tour is free of charge and open to the public. Duration – max 60 min.

Lubomyr Petrenko comments: "What are advantages of photographs as historical documents? They can record the world without imposing its sense layers and interpretations. What are the drawbacks? The disadvantage is that a photograph does not introduce a context to you. It does not explain the image in the picture. It does not take the spectator beyond the bounds. Without some explanations, it is very difficult to get the point of the image, especially when it goes about decoding the footage of a complicated and multiform historical period. It would definitely apply to Lviv of the early 1990s. The old social and political order was destroying right in front of everyone’s eyes. The sprouts of new, more liberal and also more complicated life were germinating. All of the aspects are recorded on the photographs of the world-class photographer Tadeusz Rolke."