Author-Led Excursion
September 28, 2016

On September 28 at 18.00 we invite you to Yevhen Chervoniy's first excursion through the exhibition hall of the Center for Urban History. Photographic exhibitions can take different forms. Sometimes they involve conceptual photography, sometimes documentary photographs and other times genre photographs. But how many layers are depicted in two-dimensional pictures? Are photographic exhibitions only photographs, available for viewing or are they complex things (photograph, information, design) combined in one physical space?

Yevhen Chervoniy will talk about the photograph as a historic document that tells of a much broader phenomenon than the moment it documented and of text narratives as complementary elements of the exhibition based on the current exhibition Photographs by Tadeusz Rolke "Tomorrow Will be Better." During the tour we will try to look deeper into the photographic exhibition, to follow the storyline and highlight specific sub-theme events depicted in Tadeusz Rolke's photographs.

The exhibition is not only photographs and narratives, but also design. We will also discuss metaphoric design solutions that are used to in the exhibition to assist in the display, interactive elements, and programs for children.

An excursion by Andriy Boyarov, the co-curator of the exhibition "Tomorrow will be better," will tell about the author of the exhibition Tadeusz Rolke and his photography project, focusing attention on the photographer's travels to Ukraine and his photographic documentation.

Vasyl Rasevych, historian and author, will talk about the pivitol years of 1989-1991 in Lviv, and the changes they brought to the city and its inhabitants on the eve of the collapse of the USSR.

Author's excursions are scheduled for every other Wednesday. Watch for announcements on the Center for Urban History's website and Facebook page.

Contact: Yevhen Chervoniy, Head of Exhibition Projects, tel. +38 032 275 17 34, e-mail: