Events by Day

25 October 2019

On October 25, 2019, at 6 pm, a presentation of the project of a documentary "Vypchyna. A One-Day Village."

Vypchyna the most highland village of Hutsul area. The villagers have long dispersed around the neighbouring villages. However, once a year, on their patron saint' day they climb to their home places, to the church, and to the cemetery. What makes you feel ownership over a certain piece of land, not the other? What do we know about life in the mountains, besides the common traditional vests and trembita (a traditional local trumpet)? What is going to happen to the Hutsul world upon arrival of big business to the mountains? These issues, among others, will be discussed together with the Vypchyna descendants and the documentary production team "Vypchyna. A One-Day Village.".

As supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the project team conducted site visits to the mountains, and produced a script for the future film. They filmed the patron saint’s festival in Vypchyna and edited some teasers. At the project presentation, you will have a chance to watch the videos and photos from one day from the life of Vypchyna, and to talk about Ukrainian documentary films, and about the present and the future of Hutsul area.

Presentation participants:

Yuriy Kalyniak – a photographer, lead narrator, author of the idea

Ihor Leshchuk – film director, camera operator

Yevhen Hulevych culturologist, moderator

Yurko Vovkohon – project coordinator

Natalia Babalyk – a hostess of the lowlands camp site on the hills

Bohdana Androsiuk – project curator from the UCF