Events by Day

16 July 2019 Tourist Gaze Urban Seminar by Anna Chebotariova on Cultural Heritage of Lviv as Viewed by Visitors Read more
16 July 2019 Tourist Gaze: Cultural Heritage of Lviv On July 16, at 4 pm, we invite you to the Urban Seminar by Anna Chebotariova presenting findings of the online survey of Lviv visitors and their perception of cultural heritage. Also, we shall focus on peculiarities of the methodology for surveying tourists, the pros and cons of online polls, and challenges related to (non)representative data obtained. Read more
16 July 2019 Form of Preservation In November, in the Living Room Café and the conference room of the Center, you can see the exhibition "Form of Preservation." The presented photos by Tanas Nykyforuk and Serhiy Bratkovsky document gratings – not only as a tool for physical protection but also as a means to cultivate and preserve one’s identity. Read more