Studies of Jewish History in Ukraine
20 July 2013

On July 20, 2013 the Center for Urban History conducted a workshop entitled, "How to Teach about Multi-Ethnic Ukraine?"

The aim of the workshop was to present the current status of the educational program and research dealing with Ukraine’s multiethnic past. We discussed the challenges facing, and the potential for the instruction and investigation of, the country’s history; more broadly, that of East Central Europe as a region of ethnic and religious diversity, a multifaceted region of established cultural contact and interaction.

Panel Two: Presentations of Research Projects by Young Ukrainian Researchers on Jewish History

The panel brought together young researchers pursuing innovative research projects and offering fresh views on the history of Ukraine. These young scholars incorporate both new methodologies (borderland studies, urban studies, history of everyday life, and the new cultural history) and a history of Jews at the contemporary territory of Ukraine. This panel discussed the future perspectives of such scholarship, as well as career possibilities in Ukraine for these young researchers. How can these and similar studies contribute to reshaping existing curricula? Is there a place for such themes and approaches at universities in Ukraine?


Yevhen Poliakov (PhD Student, the Krypiakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies, the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) Brody in the second half of the 17th and 18th centuries: inhabitants, economy, relations”

Maria Vovchko (PhD Student, History Department, Lviv National University) “Assimilation Processes in Jewish communities of Galicia through the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries”

Petro Chorniy, PhD, „Ethnic groups in the interwar Galicia: identities, relations and cultural processes

Roman Romantsov (PhD student, MCS University Lublin) „Politics of Polish authorities to Jewish Secondary Education in Lwów, 1919-1939

Oksana Sikorska (Ukrainian Catholic University, applies for PhD program) “The Gimpl Jewish Theatre, other theaters, and the City: Interactions and Relations in Lwów/Lemberg/Lviv”

Oksana Dudko, PhD (Center for Urban History) “Beyond Theatres Walls: People, Milieus, Networks in Lemberg/Lwów/Lviv during the First World War”

Moderator: Dr Mayhill Fowler (Stetson University)

For more information on the workshop program please see here.

The workshop was conducted in conjunction with the Summer School: "Jewish History and the Multiethnic Past of East Central Europe: Societies, Cultures, and Heritage".