Five Cities

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Numer ewidencyjny:
Documentary film
Produced by Yitzhak Goskin, text and Narration by Asher Lerner, photography by V. Kazimierczak.
Yiddish with English subtitles
Data produkcji:
black and white
In 1938 and 1939, Shaul and Yitzhak Goskind of Warsaw-based Sektor Films produced six short films about urban Jewish communities in Poland. One, about Lodz, is lost. The other five - on Bialystok, Cracow, Lwow, Vilna and Warsaw — have survived. Viewed together or separately, they present vibrant portraits of people, communities and institutions all but completely obliterated after the Nazis invaded and occupied Poland during World War II.

Stylish women promenade through modern Lwow’s thriving market squares to a piano-and-violin accompaniment suggesting urban rhythms. Also known as Lemberg and home to an old, well-established Jewish community, this city nestled in a valley projects an aura of prosperity. Parks and pavilions punctuate its public spaces as trucks, pushcarts and bicycles ply its busy streets. Among the Jewish community landmarks shown are the Yad Haruzim Trade Union Building, the Old Ghetto, the softly curving exterior of the Modern Temple, the orthodox school, the Moorish-looking Lazarus Hospital and the grave of the “Golden Rose”—filmed in warm, dappled light—and the Nowosci Theater.
Yitzhak Goskin
Zbiór prywatny
Czas trwania:
10 min.
Prawa własności:
The National Center for Jewish Film, Brandeis University Lown 102, MS053 Waltham MA 02454
Ocyfrowane kino
Taśma 35 mm (oryginał)
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