Old City - Young City
4 wrzesień 2017

On September, 8-10, 2017, Lviv will be hosting European Heritage Days. This year, the focus is on presenting the history of urban factories, hospitals, and schools. Industrial facilities, enterprises, public institutions, schools and universities were the elements making up the dynamics of urban development. Today, they are an important part of material heritage of Lviv, while their past evokes growing interest with the residents of the city. During the European Heritage Days, historians, art critics, architects, and tour guides will be telling to Lviv residents about the history of less notable but no less important industrial landmarks and public institutions.

Center for Urban History joins the program of European Heritage Days and offers Lviv residents two events: city walk "Pubic Space of Sykhiv: Frame of References of Public Institutions" and a presentation "Ancient City – Young City": industrial Lviv in the newsreels and photographs from the Urban Media Archive, within he [un]Archiving cycle

On September, 10, 2017, at 3.00 pm, the conference room of the Center for Urban History (6, Bohomoltsia Str.)will have the presentation show "Old City - Young City": Industrial Lviv in Newsreels and Photographs from Urban Media Archive , within the [un]Archiving cycle.

Collections of Urban Media Archive contain digitalized archive materials from Pshenychnyi Film, Phoro, and Phono Archive of Ukraine, private collections and historical newsreels from the State Archive of Lviv region. These are film news, private and institutional photos and news footages and documentaries that are certain annals of industrial Lviv. The presentation will include the screening of the TV film "Ancient City – Young City" produced by directors and cameramen of Lviv television in the early 1970s. It tells about the most important industrial giants of Lviv aiming to transform the old bourgeois city into a young socialist utopia. There will also be a unique urban cine-symphony "The Good Day of Lviv" directed by Volodymyr Shevchenko. In conclusion, we will show the video art by a media artists Oleh Voronko "Time forward, two times back." It is the result of the artist's work with archive recordings and his interpretation of topics of industrial past and the construction of a socialist city. This work was created in 2017 on the basis of video materials processed by Urban Media Archive.

European Heritage Days is a pan-European initiative officially launched by the Council of Europe in 1991. The goal of the project is to draw attention of residents and visitors of the city to cultural heritage and its role in the development of present-day society. Main idea of the walk is to discover and see some usually closed or little known sites to bring publicity to their historical and architectural value. Full program of events as a part of European Heritage Days can be downloaded through the link. (in Ukrainian)