Związani (z) historią: zaangażowanie w przeszłość miejską i aktywizacja dziedzictwa żydowskiego

Dates: July 10 – August 4, 2017
Location: Center for Urban History, 6 Bohomoltsia Str., Lviv, Ukraine

[Program of the Summer School]

The summer school provides a high-quality possibility of learning about the up-to-date state of research on the Jewish history of Central and Eastern Europe as well as developing research and practical skills, critical thinking in analyzing various narratives of the past. It also offers space to researchers and practitioners from Eastern Europe to contribute to shaping a more participatory historical culture and challenge top-down modes in engaging with history in academia and publicly.

The summer school format combines lectures and seminars, language classes and practice-oriented work. The program includes lectures on the Jewish history of Central and Eastern Europe in the 19th-20th centuries; an introductory course of Yiddish; seminar courses on transnational approaches and urban topics, social and cultural history, memory and heritage studies. The workshop will focus on museum as a format of public history. This reflects recent and significant developments in museum infrastructure and conceptualization in Central and Eastern Europe. The workshop will reflect on this and provide the participants with approaches and tools necessary to engage with complexities of urban pasts at museum displays and involve various audiences and actors in museum-making processes. In particular, the workshop will explore the concepts and formats of Jewish museums and city history museums.

The program also includes guided tours to historical sites and towns, meetings with experts, researchers, local practitioners, as well as series of public lectures and discussions on the Jewish history and heritage issues for a wider audience.

Lecture and Seminar Courses:


Concept Development
Sofia Dyak

Program Development
Iryna Matsevko

Maryana Mazurak

The Summer School on Jewish History and Heritage is a serial educational project launched by the Center for Urban History in 2010. The project strives to introduce an inclusive approach to the learning, researching, and teaching of Eastern and Central Europe in the 19th-20th centuries, as well as strengthen the awareness of the importance of Jewish history and heritage as part of multicultural past. The summer school also builds up a milieu and network of young academics, practitioners, and faculty in Eastern Europe and beyond engaged in the research, preservation, and promotion of Jewish heritage as part of multi-ethnic past in the region.

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