Ketubah Lecture Program

Family Today
22 November 2015

On November 22, 2015, in the Borys Voznytskiy Lviv National Art Gallery (vul. Stefanyka, 3) a public debate entitled "Together to the end? The Challenges of Modernity to Family of Today," was held. This was the final event in the lecture series "Ketubah. Family Traditions and Traditional Family." 

British philosopher Zygmunt Bauman argues that we live in a "fluid time" as opposed to the "hard times" - when values, principles and processes were clear and enduring. Today, every moment is a moment of irrevocable change; change and uncertainty are the only constants. In such an environment, what are the challenges posed to the union of two people? Is it true that during "fluid times" family transforms itself from a stable institution to a temporary coincidence? What will be the future of the traditional family?

Rabbi Moishe Leib Kolesnik (Ivano-Frankivsk) and Greek Catholic priest Fr. Tikhon (Sergey) Kullback (Donetsk / Lviv) pondered these issues. Bohdan Yaskevych, psychoanalytic and legal advisor (Lviv) moderated.