Aroma of Memory
17 October 2016

October, 17, at 6.30 pm, Eleonora Narvselius gave a lecture "Aroma of Memory with the Flavour of Nostalgia: Modern Theme-based Restaurants and Galicia Branding".

Event venue: Kharkiv, "Studio 42", Konstytutsii sq,. 1 entrance 7, floor 2. 

Is it possible to create an image of Ukrainian cultural heritage and Ukrainian history that would be both attractive and acceptable for the broad public in Ukraine and far beyond? In Galicia, branding of Ukrainian cultural acquisitions was quite successful, even though not without problems. Cultural peculiarity of the "most Ukrainian, and the least Soviet" region is mostly presented as the combination of Ukrainianism, Europeanism, and a typically local flavour tending to impose the myth of Galicia. The lecturer talked about one of the local initiatives, such as theme-based restaurants. The listeners were offered a story about commercial use of collective memory about some groups of population in Galicia, such as Poles, Jews, and Austrians, as opposed to mono-cultural perceptions about the past events of the region.

Lecture and discussion program was supported by the International Renaissance Foundation

Eleonora Narvselius is an ethnologist at the Lund University (Sweden). She studies cultural heritage, commercialization of history, and collective memories in East Central Europe.