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What is Galicia
6 October 2016

On October 5, 2016 the first lecture of the lecture and discussion program of the cultural forum "PogranKult: GaliciaKult" took place. Vasyl Rasevych talked about "What is Galicia? From Myth to Brand".

Event venue: Kharkiv,
ART AREA "DK", 13 Chernyshevska street. Free admission.

The Galicia forgotten in the Soviet times faced a real renaissance after Ukraine’s independence. By no means, did the "fashion" to Galicia come from within Ukraine, but from literary works of German speaking Galician writers. Their plots received a new special voice after the disaster of the Second World War. In the basis of constructing the myth of Galicia, there was a literary topos that started with nostalgic reminiscences and later transformed into an open political instrumentalization. Glorification and idealization of the Galician past appeared to be a necessary precondition to generate a new national unification narrative, and also to develop an exclusive Galician project. The instrumentalization ranged from "Galicia, the most Ukrainian Ukraine" to even "Galicians are not Ukrainians." Public expressions of the "Galicianism" and their instrumentalization were the topic for the announced lecture.

Lecture and discussion program is supported by the International Renaissance Foundation

Vasyl Rasevych is a historian, essayist, blogger, editor-in-chief the online publication, senior research fellow at the Ivan Krypyakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies, expert in the history of Galicia of Austrian period and the policy of memory in the present-day Ukraine.