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Regionalism Without Regions
19 September 2019

On September 19, 2019 the discussion "Regionalism Without Regions: Reconsidering Heterogeneity of Ukraine" within the 26 BookForum took place.

How do you understand Ukraine through its regions? How do you consider the regions of Ukraine in the context of nation? Discussants explored the phenomenon of regionalism in the research of modern Ukraine trying to highlight the relationship between the dynamics of national and regional changes. Participants of the discussion presented a collective monograph published by the Central European University as an outcome of an international interdisciplinary research project "Region, Nation and Beyond: An Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Reconceptualization of Ukraine". The project brought together historians, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, literary scholars, and linguists from Ukraine, USA, and beyond. In their studies, they used both quantitative (statistical surveys), and qualitative methods (in-depth interviews and focus-group discussions). Considering Ukraine as a construct in the flow where different discourses intersect, overlap, and sometimes, consolidate through the lens of different disciplines and methodologies, the project reconceptualizes regional heterogeneity of Ukraine, and the functioning of established regions.

The discussion had engaged: Yaroslav Hrytsak (Ukrainian Catholic University), Oksana Myshlovska (University of Bern), Catherine Wanner (Penn State University), Yaroslav Prytula(Ukrainian Catholic University), and Anna Chebotarova (Center for Urban History / University of St. Gallen). 
Moderated by Iryna Sklokina (Center for Urban History).

The discussion is part of agenda of the 26 Book Forum, and is co-organized by the Center for Urban History and the Center for Governance and Culture in Europe of the University of St.Gallen.