Video Chronicle

Brody: A Galician Border City
18 September 2019

On September 18, 2019 the presentation of the book by Börries Kuzmany "BrodyA Galician Border City in the Long 19th Century" within the 26 BookForum took place.

Urban biography, "Brody: a Galician Border City in the Long 19th Century" combines a 150-year-old social economic history of the city with its cultural memory. The book is the first comprehensive study of the city under the Habsburg Austrian rule. The author suggests reading urban history not restricted to the national lens only. In addition to studying the complicated ethno-religious structure of Brody comprised of the Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians, Börries Kuzmany explores the relation between the geography of the city on the imperial border and its status of a key trade center in East and Central Europe. Upon identifying the controversial presentation of Brody in the books by travelers, in works of fiction, and in memory pieces, Kuzmany used contemporary and historical images to outline the illustrated journey around the current Ukrainian city.

The book "Brody: A Galician Border City in the Long 19th Century" first saw the world in German in 2011. Ukrainian publication as translated by Volodymyr Kamyanets and edited by Maryan Mudryi was published by the Litopys publishing house in 2019. Ukrainian translation was supported by the Center for Governance and Culture in Europe of the University of St.Galllen and the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Historical Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Moderated by Oleksii Chebotarov (Center for Urban History / University of St.Gallen).

Presentation participants: Börries Kuzmany (Institute for Modern and Contemporary Historical Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences / University of Vienna), Mykhaylo Komarnytskyi ("Litopys" Publishing), Maryan Mudryi (Ivan Franko National University in Lviv), Maryana Maksymiak (Center for Urban History / Agnon Literary Center).

The presentation is organized with support of the Austrian Bureau for Cooperation in Lviv.