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Modernism, Engagement, Identity
20 May 2019
On May 20, 2019 the lecture by Piotr Słodkowski "Modernism, Engagement, Identity. The Art of Henryk Streng / Marek Włodarski" took place.

The lecture brang us closer to the art of a Lviv modernist, and a post-war Warsaw-based artist Henryk Streng / Marеk Włodarski. The pieces by a Polish Jewish artist present the starting point for reflection on three largest problem areas in the 20th century culture, such as non-Western modernisms in visual arts, social political engagement through artistic expression, and cultural identity.

The lecture’s objective was to reject the rhetoric of Paris impact on Central-European artists and to shift the focus on efficient art practices originating from locality and identity of place (here: Lviv of the 1920s). Next, the lecturer will start the polemics with the narrative treating art through the opposition "modernism – socialism" instead of thinking in the framework of smooth socialist modernism. The researcher tries to raise the value of the wartime and camp artifacts, and to draw attention to the war as the event with long-term consequences for people, identities, and art. The lecture will represent the outcomes of work on the curator project for the exhibition of Streng/ Włodarski developed with support of the Ministry for Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

Before the lecture, we listened about the milieu of Lviv Association of Artists "artes", including Henryk Streng / Marek Wlodarski, from Andrij Bojarov, a visual artist, an independent curator and researcher. 

Piotr Słodkowski – an art critic, adjunct researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Graduate of the doctoral program of the Academy of Artes Liberales.