Video Chronicle

Creativity for the City
15 March 2018

On March 15 2018, at 6.30 pm, Evert Verhagen was given a lecture "Creativity and Cities: What an Attractive City Can Do for Us."

The image of a creative city and of creative economy is getting increasingly popular on global and local scale. Evert Verhagen tald about key trends the ideas are following today. He shared the insights from the 40 years of his experience of implementing projects of revitalization of urban spaces. They include, among others, the efforts to renovate the premises of a large deserted gas plant in Amsterdam, the Westergasfabriek. It was transformed into a massive center of cultural life for local citizens. It took many years of significant efforts to establish communication between local authorities, businesses, and residents. Evert focused on global trends in making economy creative, and on its impact on mass migration and the drain of young people from small towns, as well as on the role of awareness raising for this process.
The meeting was a chance to talk about possibilities and threats offered by creative economy, and the need to account for local contexts.

The talk was moderated by Bohdan Shumylovych, researcher at the Center for Urban History.

The lecture was in English, with simultaneous interpretation provided.

Evert Verhagen – is an expert in creative economy, project manager in the field of revitalization of public spaces and parks. Hydrologist by education, Evert has served for the Amsterdam community on different positions; he was advisor for urban planning and revitalization of spaces all over the world. He was a chief project manager for revitalization of the park of culture Westergasfabriek (Amsterdam). The result of this work were awarded by the Dutch government in 2004. He is author of a book "Creativity and the City" (2005).