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Arie Lisakov
1 November 2016

On October, 31 - November, 4, 2016 a storytelling forum "Future in Memories: Lviv as a Choice" was taking place. During the five nights, there were held public meetings with young people from Poland, Crimea, the USA, and Israel who opted for living in Lviv.

On November 1 Arie Lisakov from Tel Aviv told about his decision to settle down in Ukraine. He is into investments and stock exchange activities. He opted for Lvivin 2015. 

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The "Future in Memories" program was initiated by a charity foundation "Friends of Lviv" recently established by supporters of Lviv from Amsterdam, and also by the Center for Urban History and the Office for Culture at Lviv City Council. A partner of the event is a ‘Symphony Solutions’ company.