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Between East and West
7 October 2016

On October 6, 2016 Jagoda Wierzejska gave a lecture on "Half-Asia" or a "Bulwark of the Western Culture: Ideological Geography of Galicia between East and West". A lecture was a part of the lecture and discussion program of the cultural forum "PogranKult: GaliciaKult"

Event venue: Kharkiv "Studio 42", Constitution sq., 1, second floor. Free admission. 

Since the beginning of its existence Galicia has been presentenced either as "half-Asia" or as an "outpost of the West." According to the former vision, the province was seen as a land of steppes, crags, and mad masters’ castles; according to the latter, it was identified as a "bulwark" of the Western culture while with the qualities of the "East" was attributed Russia. The lecture discussed locating Galicia within the tension between "East" and "West," the categories meaning "backwardness" and "development," and presents ideological shifts of the region from Habsburg civilizing mission to concepts of Galician legacy as an entry-card to Europe.

Lecture and discussion program was supported by the International Renaissance Foundation 

The event was also supported by the Polish Institute in Kyiv.

Jagoda Wierzejska is a literary historian, an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw. Her interests focus on conceptualizations of the idea of Galicia in the Polish cotemporary discourse.