About Urban Video Digital

"The Urban Video" is the section of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe’s library collection which houses non-print (digital and digitized) audio-visual and film-video materials. The collection includes a wide range of recorded images on film, and audio recordings from private and official archival collections, providing a depiction of urban life in East Central Europe. The collection is made up of DVD recordings, celluloid film, laser discs, cassettes, video and audio discs, and separate, individual files and recordings. These materials are available to the public both by visiting the Center for Urban History, and on our website. Use of the media collection is restricted to those who have previously registered with Project Coordinator, Bohdan Sumylovych. To register, contact at: b.shumylovych@lvivcenter.org.

This project is realized in strict accordance with Ukrainian and international copyright legislation.

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Urban Video collection structure:

  • Sound recordings – records of voices of the famous inhabitants of the city; records of the seminars held at the Center; records of lectures; audio books; interviews;
  • Music recordings – street music; old music; live music and sounds of local clubs; records of local artists;
  • Video recordings – records from Centralnyj Derzhavnyj kino-foto-fono arhiv Ukrainy (Kyiv); home videos; private records; private video collections; current video projects directed to city and its culture; commercial tourist video; broadcast videos

All digitized materials are part of the library of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe.

For questions and comments please contact the Project Manager: Bohdan Shumylovych, b.shumylovych@lvivcenter.org.