Female, born 1922

The interview with native citizen of Novosibirsk (Russia), who moved to Lviv after World War II with her family. The woman tells willingly about the military service of her husband and transfers from city to city, connected with his work. She mentions that her family have found its true home in Lviv, admires its architecture, recalls many peculiar moments from the history of Bohomoltsia Street and compares it with the present time. Interview comprises a lot of information about other families, who live in the same house, their family stories as well. The narrator’s daughter adds some comments and clarifications during the interview.

The recording consists from 2 parts, in the last one the main narrator speaks about former inhabitants of the street before World War II, apparently, having heard those stories from others. 

The recording was performed on March 28, 2009 at the narrator’s home. The interviewer – Halyna Bodnar.

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