Female, born 1950

The interview contains many interesting important details about the residents of Bohomoltsia Stret and the house, where the narrator had lived since 1975. She precisely tells about her neighbors, who she had known personally, and rehearses the pre-war times stories, been heard from her neighbors and assosiates.

The narrator speaks indistinctly, often lowers her voice to a whisper. She blames her present neighbors and tells about conflicts with them. A lot of information can be heard about apartments planning and former residents. It is mostly unstructured, contains many personalities and details, but also interesting stories about pre-war and Soviet lifestyle.

Several clarifications from two outsiders, who are present during the interview, can be heard on the recording. They don’t take active part in the conversation, contributing to it from time to time.

The recording was performed August 13, 2009 at the narrator’s home. The interviewer – Halyna Bodnar. 

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