"U Stories: Oral History and Urban Experiences" is an archive of in-depth interviews collected through various research projects implemented at the Center for Urban History. The purpose of this collection is to maintain and make available to researchers and all interested individuals the memoirs and reflections of Lviv’s inhabitants, as well as to expand the use of such sources in the study of the urban history of Lviv and other cities in the region. To that end, the project aims to create a digital resource for people who are interested in different aspects of everyday life in the city and who work with oral history and information obtained from in-depth interviews.

We want to provide access to interviews to anyone who is interested in the research and make the Center for Urban History’s archival collection a heritage for the academic community as well as the wider public. We understand the value of our informants’ stories and would like them to be heard, but we also want to protect their privacy. Therefore, to gain access to the interviews, the researcher must read the relevant rules governing the confidentiality of information and sign an informed consent. More information about the project will be available from December 2013.

Project Manager – Natalia Otrishchenko".

If you have any questions or comments about the project, please contact Natalia Otrishchenko by e-mail

Imagined, Built, Experienced: Sykhiv
We seek to answer the question of how assimilation occurs and how changes in public (streets, squares), semi-public (courtyards, and yards), and private (apartments) spaces are driven by human practices. We are interested in the evolution of the image invented by planners to its actual and final existence and people living in a concrete place, and the relationship between the architectural environment and social structures.
Voices of Resistance and Hope
"Voices of Resistance and Hope: Kyiv-Lviv-Kharkiv" was an endeavor to document the experiences, attitudes, motivations, and expectations of Euromaidan participants.
Lviv Creative Communities
"Lviv Creative Communities" is a research project, dedicated to the relations between spaces, communitites, contexts, and knowledge in the creative environment of late Soviet Lviv.
Kastelivka: Houses and People
The project is an oral history of one of the most famous Lviv middle-class districts - Kastelivka.
History of One Street
The project “Lviv in the 20th Century: The History of One Street” was one of the first oral history studies implemented by the Center for Urban History. It aimed to document the stories of current residents of Bohomoltsia Street.
Discussions with History Teachers
This study is a joint project of the International Renaissance Foundation and the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe implemented as part of a broader international research project on “Region, Nation and Beyond: An Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Reconceptualization of Ukraine”.
Movies and Lviv: Communities
"Movies and Lviv: Communities" - the collection of interviews, dedicated to Lviv movie clubs, which existed in the city during Soviet times and perion of independence.
Search for Home: Experience of Postwar Pidzamche
The collection of interviews on post-war Pidzamche, one of the oldest Lviv districts.
Lviv Theatres after 1945
"Lviv Theatres after 1945" is a collection of oral history of Soviet and post-Soviet theatre community of Lviv.