Lviv Cemeteries

Cemeteries of Lviv are among the most well-known necropoli in Ukraine and Europe. They emerged in Lviv as suburban cemeteries after related orders were issued by Emperor Josef II in the 1780's.

The theme aims at tracing the historic development and location of the cemeteries of Lviv. It is planned to research the Lychakivskyi Cemetery that includes the Austrian Military Cemetery, the Polish War Memorial and the Hill of Glory, the Yanivskyi Cemetery, the Jewish "Kirkut" (the old cemetery that no longer exists and was once located behind the Hospital of Mauricio Lazarus and the so-called "new one" near Pilikhovska Street). In addition, theme goals include making descriptions of old church cemeteries and the following cemeteries that no longer exist: Stryiskyi, Horodotskyi and Paparivka.

The theme will make it possible to significantly compliment the existing country study materials on the history of the architecture and artistic heritage of the necropoli of Lviv. Besides the historic development of the cemeteries, the theme is designed to provide a general assessment of the monuments of historic and cultural heritage that form the architectural and artistic image of the necropoli. In particular, the theme envisions providing a detailed description of the cemeteries complimented with features from old publications. Archive plans and maps of cemeteries completed at different times, realized and unrealized projects as well as projects of cemetery buildings and constructions will make a vivid supplement to the theme's texts.

The theme is being carried out by an employee of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe,Candidate of architecture and Doctoral Candidate of the I. Krypiakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the National Academy of Sciences, Khrystyna Kharchuk.