General Regional Exhibition in 1894 in Lviv

General Regional Exhibition  in 1894 in Lviv

The Lost Churches of the Cracow Suburb on the Plans of Lviv


The comparison of various maps brought forth an attempt to locate the sites of the lost churches of the Cracow Suburb, and provide brief historical information on them.

"Leopoltvis". In Search of Lviv's River


A video presentation in the form of "digital storytelling", employing old maps, city photographs, and other materials. The presentation tells of the river Poltva, its tributaries, and other bodies of water in Lviv.

Lviv on Maps by Jozef Chowaniec


Maps of the city of Lviv, dating to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries demonstrate the dynamic development of this Royal Capital City. Among the most informative and precise of these, are maps by Józef Chowaniec.