Vilnius. Tourist map

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Map ID: 173
Original title: Вильнюс. Туристская схема
Localization: Vilnius
Year: 1975
Map size: 100x72 cm
Publisher: Main Department of Geodesy and Cartography under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Moscow
Source: Courtesy of Ihor Kotlobulatov
Rights: Ihor Kotlobulatov. Lviv

Soviet-era Map of Vilnius published for tourist needs.

The map was printed in 1975 at Factory No. 1, Main Administration for Geodesy and Cartography, Moscow.

The map was co-authored by two individuals.


  • The top part of the map holds the name: “Vilnius. Tourist map” (Вильнюс. Туристская схема).
  • The top right corner holds the map key and key to abbreviations (Условные знаки; Сокращения на схеме и в тексте).
  • The top left corner holds a detailed inset of the city center (Центральная часть города).
  • The lower right part of the map contains information about the city and a list of tourist routes (Вильнюс в цифрах; Экскурсии по городу Вильнюсу).
  • The reverse of the sheet contains the following information:
  • The map’s title and publisher: “Vilnius. Tourist Map. Main Administration for Geodesy and Cartography, Council of Ministers of the USSR, Moscow, 1975” (Вильнюс. Туристская схема. Главное управление геодезии и картографии при совете министром СССР. Москва 1975).
  • The place the map was printed: “Prepared for printing by Factory No. 5, Main Administration for Geodesy and Cartography in 1973. Revised in 1975.” (Схема составлена и подготовлена к печати фабрикой №5 ГУГК в 1973 г. Исправлена в 1975 г.).
  • The map’s authors: “Editor: M. A. Petrova. Technical Editor: K. D. Volkova” (Редактор М.А.Петрова. Технический редактор К.Д. Волкова).
  • Other data: “Approved for printing 20.1.75. T-00654; Paper format 72x100. Printed sheet 1. Conditional printed sheet 1,33; Print run 189 000 copies; Order No. 195; Price: 20 copecks; Factory No. 5 MAGC. Б-180 9; ©ГУГК 1974 р. 1975 р. revisions" (Подписано к печати 20.1.75 г. Т-00654; Формат бумаги 72x100. Печ. л. 1. Условл. печ. л. 1,33; Тираж 189 000 экз.; Заказ №195; Цена 20 коп.; Фабрика №5 ГУГК. Б-180 9; ©ГУГК 1974 г. 1975 г. с изменениями).