City Plan of Przemysl

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Map ID: 121
Original title: Stadtplan von Przemyśl
Localization: Przemysl
Year: 1907
Scale: 1:5 000
Publisher: Unknown
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, GIh 582-5 T.1-2
Rights: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna

Map of Przemysl, 1907, with names of suburbs and surrounding villages.

The map is peculiar in that it marks territories occupied by military objects within the city and its environs with various colors.


  • The upper part of the sheet bears the title: “City Map of Przemysl” (Stadtplan von Przemyśl) and the numerical scale.
  • The upper right corner holds the publication date: 1907 (Jahr 1907).
  • The bottom part holds the scale bar with the scale (1:5000).