Plan of Leopoliensis

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Map ID: 193
Original title: Situs Leopoliensis
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1635
Scale: c. 12 700
Map size: 63x44 cm
Publisher: Author Fridericum Getkant
Source: TsDIAL of Ukraine, 742/1/976
Rights: Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv. (TsDIAL of Ukraine)
This map is of Lviv’s defensive fortification and surrounding area created in 1635 by Fridericum Getkan, Royal Engineer Metatore.

This is a copy of the original map located in the Military Archives (Krigsarchivet) in Stockholm.


  • In the upper right corner is the title: “Situation in Lviv, created by Fridericum Getkan in 1635” (Situs Leo Poliensis Per Fridericum Getkan A. 1635 Septemb.).
  • In the lower right corner is the graphic depiction of the map’s scale and explanation.
  • In the middle of the lower edge of the map is the wind rose.

The map was published as part of a joint project to create a Historical Atlas of Lviv.