Map of the City of Cernăuţi

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Map ID: 104
Original title: Planul Municipiului Cernăuţi
Localization: Chernivtsi
Year: с. 1936
Scale: 1:12 500
Publisher: Leon König. Сhernivtsi
Source: Courtesy of Helmut Kusdat
Rights: Helmut Kusdat. Vienna

Interwar Map of the City of Cernăuţi published by Leon König.

No date is provided. The fact that the building of the airport is marked on the map allows us to roughly date the map to 1936.

The map was drawn by architect Flasch.


  • The upper right corner of the map holds the title: “Map of the City of Cernăuţi” (Planul Municipiului Cernăuţi).
  • Below is information on the map’s publisher and author: “Edited by Leon König” (Editura: Leon König); "Executed by arch. Flasch” (Execut. arh. Flasch.).
  • The lower right corner contains information on the printing house: “‘Orient’ Lithography, Cernăuţi” (Lit. "Orient" Cernăuţi).
  • The bottom left corner holds the scale bar with the numerical scale (Scara 1:12 500) and the compass rose.