Plan of Great Lwow

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Map ID: 130
Original title: Plan Wielkiego Lwowa
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1937
Scale: 1:20 000
Map size: 50x40 cm
Publisher: Gazeta Mieszkaniowa. Lviv
Source: Courtesy of Oleg Sergeiev
Rights: Oleg Sergeiev. Lviv
This map of Lviv was printed in 1937 as an appendix to the “Illustrated Guidebook of Lviv. Third edition” (Ilustrowany przewodnik po Lwowu z planem. Wydanie III zmienione i uzupełnione. 1937).


  • In the lower left corner is the name: “Map of Greater Lviv” (Plan Wielkiego Lwowa).
  • Beneath the name in red ink is information on who commissioned the map, their address and telephone number: “Gazeta Mieshkaniowa in Lviv” (Nakład "Gazety Mieszkaniowej" we Lwowie, Pasaż Hausmana 7. telefon 107-90).
  • In the lower left corner is also information on the illustrator: “Drawn by E. Lan” (Rys. E. Lan).
  • In the lower right corner is a list of the 130 objects identified on the map.
  • Below the list is the location and date the map was published: “Lviv, June 1937” (Lwów VI.37).
  • Along the right edge of the map are advertisements.