Plan of Lemberg

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Map ID: 099
Original title: Plan von Lemberg
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1941
Scale: c. 1:10 000
Map size: 59,5x45 cm
Publisher: Printing House №1. Lviv
Source: Courtesy of Ryszard Hubisz
Rights: Ryszard Hubisz. Crakow

This map of Lviv from 1941 shows newly re-named streets and squares and as well as the four new administrative divisions (Bezirk) of the city.

The uniqueness of this map lies in that is shows many of the ponds that existed at the time, which are not often depicted on inter-war maps.


  • In the lower right corner is the name: “Map of Lemberg” (Plan von Lemberg).
  • Beneath the name is the graphic depiction of the map’s scale.
  • Along the lower right edge is information about the printer: “Publishing House and Printing of the First Printing House, Lviv, Rozwadowskistrasse 20” (Verlag und Druck der Druckerei Nr. 1 Lemberg, Rozwadowskistrasse 20).
  • On the back side of the map is a “List of streets, squares and tram lines as of 30 October 1941” (Verzeichnis der Strassen, Gassen, Plätze und Strassenbahnlinien zum Plan von Lemberg nach dem stande vom 30. oktober 1941).