Map of Lemberg

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Map ID: 218
Original title: Plan von Lemberg
Localization: Lviv
Year: с. 1942
Scale: 1:15 000
Map size: 52,5x41 cm
Publisher: Graphical Establishments, Lviv
Source: NB LNU I.Franka, 543 ІІ
Rights: Science Library of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (NB LNU I.Franko). Lviv

Map of Lviv, approximate year of publication: 1942. This map has the city’s districts written in by hand.


  • In the lower right corner is the name: “Map of Lemberg” (Plan von Lemberg).
  • Beneath the name is the scale depicted fractionally: 1:15 000.
  • Beneath that is the graphic depiction of the map’s scale and a legend to identify tram lines on the map.
  • The boundaries of the Districts and their corresponding numbers are written in by hand: I - Lychakiv (Łyczakowskie I), II - Krakow (Krakowskie II), III - Halych (Halickie III), IV - Zhovkva (Żółkiewskie IV).