Map of Czernowitz. Supplemented in 1880

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Map ID: 049
Original title: Plan von Czernowitz. Ergänzt im Jahre 1880
Localization: Chernivtsi
Year: 1880
Scale: 1:10 800
Publisher: Artaria & Co. Vienna
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, GIh 133
Rights: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna

Map of Chernivtsi, 1880, with suburbs and part of the border area of Moldova.

This map is an expanded re-edition of the city map, that was published together with Kummersberg’s topographical map (Sheet No. 59) in 1855-1863 (Kummerer Carl Ritter von Kummersberg. Administrative-Karte von den Königreichen Galizien und Lodomerien mit dem Großherzogthume Krakau und den Herzogthümern Auschwitz, Zator und Bukowina in 60 Bllättern). In addition to Chernivtsi, the sheets of Kummersberg’s map also contain maps of Krakow and Lwow.

The map’s edition and printing was performed by Artaria & Co. Publishers in Vienna.


  • The left side of the map holds the name: “Map of Czernowitz. Expanded in 1880” (Plan von Czernowitz. Ergänzt im Jahre 1880), symbols, and a list of 17 objects marked on the map.
  • The upper left corner holds a fragment of Moldovan border territory, with a scale measuring line (Maasstab 1 ost: Meile gleich 2½ Wiener Zoll; 1 Centimeter = 1,152 Kilometer).
  • The bottom right corner contains publishing information: “Publishing and property of Artaria & Co., Vienna” (Verlag und Eigenthum von ARTARIA & Cо in Wien.