Plan of Adjustments of Inner City

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Map ID: 023
Original title: Plan regulacyi Śródmieścia
Localization: Lviv
Year: c. 1920
Publisher: Unknown
Source: Courtesy of the DALO, 2/41/2
Rights: Lviv Region State Archive (DALO). Lviv

This map shows a plan, created by the Measurement-Regulation Section of the City’s Technical Department, to regulate [building in] the city center; it was never carried out.


  • The upper right corner of the map contains its name: "Plan to Regulate the City Center according to the Measurement-Regulatory Division of the Technical Department of the Royal Capital City of Lviv" (Plan regulacyi Śródmieścia wedle projektu Oddziału pomiarowo-regulacyjnym . Dep. Techn. Krol. Stoł. M. Lwowa).
  • Beneath the name is a list of symbols.