Map of the City of Tarnopol

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Map ID: 147
Original title: Plan miasta Tarnopola
Localization: Ternopil
Year: 1925
Scale: 1:7 500
Map size: 48x62 cm
Publisher: Technical Office: Architekt Maks Schafkopf. Tеrnopil
Source: Courtesy of Ryszard Hubisz
Rights: Ryszard Hubisz. Crakow

Map of Tarnopol, prepared in November 1925 by architect Maks Schafkopf’s technical bureau.

The map was printed at the Lviv-based Litos printing press.


  • The upper part of the map holds the name: “Map of the City of Tarnopol” (Plan miasta Tarnopola), the publication date: November 1925 (Listopad 1925), and the scale (1:7 500).
  • Below this is information on the author and publisher: “Developed and published by the Technical Bureau, Architect maks Schafkopf, Tarnopol, 17 Kopernika St.” (Opracowany i wydany przez Biuro techniczne: Architekt budowniczy Maks Schafkopf, Tarnopol, ul. Kopernika, 17).
  • The lower part of the map holds a list of 70 objects.
  • Below this is information on the place the map was printed: “LITOS”, Lwów, 34 Lyczakowska St. ("LITOS", Lwów, Lyczakowska, 34).