Map of the City of Lviv

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Map ID: 127
Original title: Plan miasta Lwowa
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1943
Scale: 1:15 000
Map size: 50,5x62,5 cm
Publisher: The War Office of Polish General Staff
Source: Courtesy of Ryszard Hubisz
Rights: Ryszard Hubisz. Crakow

This map of Lviv was published by the War Office of the Polish General Staff in 1943.

This map is part of a series “Town Plans of Poland” which was made up of 23 maps. The map was created on the basis of pre-war tourist maps of the city [wapywig].


  • In the lower left corner is the name: “Map of the City of Lviv” (Plan miasta Lwowa).
  • Beneath the name is the fractional (Scale 1:15 000) and graphic depiction of the scale with a note that “the scale does not apply to street widths” (Podzialka nie odnosi się do szerokośсi ulic), information about the contributors and year of publication: Drawn by Geographical Section. Polish General Staff. Photolithographed by the War Office. 1943.
  • In the lower left corner is information about the publisher: Geographical Section. General Staff. № 4435. Published by War Office. 1943.
  • Along the upper margin is the name of the series: Town Plans of Poland. First edition.