Plan of Lvov

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Map ID: 131
Original title: План г. Львов
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1947
Scale: 1:10 000
Map size: 107x88,5 cm
Publisher: Unknown
Source: Courtesy of Oleg Sergeiev
Rights: Oleg Sergeiev. Lviv
Map of Lviv based on a Polish map published in 1936; it was edited in 1944-1945 and published in 1947. This is the second edition of this map of Lviv printed during soviet times.

The unique feature of this map is that it shows the new names of some streets and squares.


  • In the upper margin is the name: “Map of Lviv” (План г. Львов).
  • In the upper left corner is the year of publication (Рекогнесц. 1945. Второе издание 1947 г.).
  • In the lower right corner is the number and series (Выпуск №1 (2). Заказ 376 ІX.47.K.).
  • Beneath that it states that this map is based on a map from 1936 (Составлен по 1:5 000 плану польского издания 1936 с и от рекогносцирован в 1944-1945 г.).
  • In the center of the lower margin is the map’s scale depicted fractionally (1:10 000), verbally and graphically (В 1-м сантиметре 100 метров. Сечение горизонталей через 5 метров).
  • In the left lower margin is a list of how to interpret the symbols used in the map.