Map of the City of Lemberg and Surrounding areas

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Map ID: 109
Original title: Plan der Stadt Lemberg sammt ihren Vorstadten
Localization: Lviv
Year: c. 1829
Scale: c. 1:7 200
Map size: 80x61 cm
Publisher: Lithography Joseph Trentsensky. Vienna
Source: Courtesy of Ryszard Hubisz
Rights: Ryszard Hubisz. Crakow

This map shows the city and surrounding areas with details of city construction, hydrography and the street and road network at the time the new Ratusha was being built.

The map was printed by the Joseph Trentsensky Lithographer’s in Vienna.


  • In the upper right corner is the name: “Map of the City of Lemberg and Surrounding areas” (Plan der Stadt Lemberg sammt ihren Vorstadten).
  • Beneath the name are the north arrow and a list of 68 objects identified on the map.
  • Below that is the interpretation of symbols used on the map and information about the districts the city was divided into:
  • "City" (А. Stadt)
  • "District I - Galicia suburb" (1. Viertel oder Halitcher Vorstadt)
  • "District II - Krakow suburb" (2. Viertel oder Krakauer Vorstadt)
  • "District III - Zhovkva suburb" (3. Viertel oder Żolkiewer Vorstadt).
  • "District IV - Brody suburb" (4. Viertel oder Brodyer Vorstadt).
  • Beneath that is information on the publisher: “Joseph Trentsensky Lithographer’s in Vienna” (Lit. bei J. Trentsensky in Wien).