Plan of Lychakiv Cemetery

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Map ID: 180
Original title: Plan cmentarza Lyczakowskiego
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1924
Scale: 1:1440
Map size: 78x66 cm
Publisher: Technical Department. Lviv
Source: NB LNU I.Franka, 1601 IV
Rights: Science Library of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (NB LNU I.Franko). Lviv
This map is of the Lychakivskyi Cemetery created by the Technical Department in 1924. The sectors are numbered (1-76) and the area around the cemetery is included in the map.


  • In the upper left is the name: "Map of Lychakivskyi Cemetery" (Plan cmentarza Łyczakowskiego).
  • Beneath the name is the fractional indication of the map’s scale (1:1 440).
  • In the lower right is information on the publisher, year of publication and the signature of the department head: "On behalf of the Technical Department. Lviv in June 1924" (Z departamentu technicznego. Lwów w czerwcu 1924).