Surroundings of the Citadel

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Map ID: 140
Original title: Otoczenie Cytadeli
Localization: Lviv
Year: c. 1930
Scale: 1:1 000
Publisher: Unknown
Source: Courtesy of the DALO, 2/41/664
Rights: Lviv Region State Archive (DALO). Lviv
This is a map of the area around the Citadel in Lviv. The map shows an unrealized plan of creating new streets and structures in the area of what is now Park Kultury and Stryiskyy Park. On the map we can see: the buildings that make up the Citadel, existing and projected streets, buildings, contour lines and a numeric indication of land elevation.


  • In the upper left corner is the name: “Area of the Citadel” (Otoczenie Cytadeli) with the fractional indication of the map’s scale (Skala 1:1 000).
  • In the lower left corner is additional information (Uwage. Projektowane wysokośći w[]teszczono w []awia[]ach).