Odessa. Tourist map

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Map ID: 228
Original title: Одесса. Туристская схема
Localization: Odessa
Year: 1989
Map size: 72x102 cm
Publisher: Main Department of Geodesy and Cartography under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Moscow
Source: Courtesy of Ihor Kotlobulatov
Rights: Ihor Kotlobulatov. Lviv

Tourist Map of Soviet Odessa, prepared in 1982 by the Kyiv Academic-Editing Mapping Enterprise, revised 1988, and published in 1989.

Editors: A. Zaborsky, V. Dotsenko
Photography: V. Krymchak, L. Raskin, H. Ugrinovich, R. Yakimenko.
Technical Editors: N. Kirillov, E. Gerasimenko.
Approved for printing 12.04.89 Т-06171.
Printed Sheet 1. Conditional printed sheet 1.3.
Print run 764 100 copies.
Vinnytsia Cartographic Factory К-2173.
© ГУГК СССР 1982, 1989.


  • The upper left corner holds the name: “Odessa” (Одесса).
  • The upper right corner holds the map key: “Map key” (Условные знаки).
  • The lower left corner holds a list of streets and squares: “List of streets and squares marked on the map” (Перечень улиц и площадей, подписанных на схеме).