Map of the Royal and Capital City of Lwow

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Map ID: 124
Original title: Mapa król. stoł. miasta Lwowa
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1917
Scale: 1:8 000
Publisher: Technical Department of Municipality. Lviv
Source: Courtesy of the DALO, 926/1/17
Rights: Lviv Region State Archive (DALO). Lviv

A map of the city of Lviv from 1917 with districts and neighbourhoods demarcated.

The map was created by the Measurement-Regulation Office of the city’s Technical Department.


  • In the upper right corner is the name “Map of the Royal Capital City Lviv” (Mapa król. stoł. miasta Lwowa).
  • Beneath the name is information on the creator: “Created by the Measurement-Regulation Office of the Technical Department” (Wykonano w oddź. pomiar.-regulacyjnego mejskiego departamentu technicznego), the fractional (1:8 000) and graphic depiction of the map’s scale, and the date May 1917 (Lwów w Maju 1917 R.).
  • In the lower left corner is a list of important buildings, parks and other structures in Lviv (Wykaz waźniejszych budynków, ogrodów publicznych i t. d. we Lwowie).