Lychakiv Cemetery. Scheme

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Map ID: 234
Original title: Личаківський цвинтар. Схема
Localization: Lviv
Year: 1992
Map size: 34,5x54 cm
Publisher: Map LTD
Source: Courtesy of Ihor Kotlobulatov, 23
Rights: Ihor Kotlobulatov. Lviv
Map of the Lychakiv Cemetery drawn and prepared for printing by “Mapa Ltd” in 1992.

Author: A.S.Kwiatkowski (А.С.Квятковський).
Editor: I.S.Rudenko (І.С.Руденко).
Design: S.O.Shkilnyi (С.О.Шкільний).
ГПРВО "Поліграфкнига".
Order 2-1073 (Зам. 2-1073).


  • The top left corner holds the map key.
  • The top right corner holds the windrose and a note on support granted: “This publication was made possible thanks to the “Krym-Kontynental” Concern (Видання здійснено за допомогою концерну "Крим-Континенталь).
  • The top right corner holds a historical note and a description of the Lychakiv cemetery.
  • The central and lower right part holds photographs of memorials on the graves of M. Shashkevych, S. Krushelnytska, M. Konopnicka, and V. Barvinskyi.
  • The lower left part contains the continuation of the list of graves of famous people, and other notable objects (the full list is on the reserve).